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Keeping Up With The Vivids

May 22, 2018

Hi everyone!


       As most of you know I have a color obsession! I have done every color in the rainbow AT LEAST twice (I have actually had rainbow hair). I get a lot of questions such as how I keep my color so vibrant, how long the color last or what products I use so I thought why not do a blog post ALLLLLL about my crazy colors a.k.a vivids.  BTW these tips can be used for all hair color NOT just vivids! 



So lets started!


     I recommend my guests who get vivids to wash their hair as little as possible. I only wash my hair TWICE a week which I know sounds crazy but Fresh Effect which is our dry shampoo is my BEST FRIEND. 


    I always suggest to wash your hair with COOLER water to keep the vibrancy of your color longer. Warm water will cause the color to fade a lot quicker which after you spend hours in the salon, it is worth dealing with cooler water when washing your hair. I always suggest that you leave with a Eufora shampoo, conditioner and our Cleansing Cream. For days when I feel like my hair is dry I love using our Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Intense Shampoo and Conditioner. It rehydrates your hair and leaves it feeling silky smooth! Every other wash I will switch from the Moisture Intense Shampoo and Conditioner to our Curl'n Cleansing Cream. It is a non-lathering conditioning cleanser that will help keep your hair vibrant but still feeling clean and soft. 


    If you want to be a SUPER STAR with longer lasting color I would recommend getting our custom color deep conditioners. Once every other week using the Custom Deep Conditioning Treatment will touch up your color and bring back that beautiful color that you had when you walked out of Hello Gorgeous.


  Now that we talked about ALLL the ways to keep the color vibrant when washing your hair now lets talk about STYLING which is one of my FAVORITE THING TO TALK ABOUT! 


    After getting out of the shower I always use Beautifying Serum and our Color Locking System (Sculpture and Illuminate) to keep it healthy and silky. The less amount of heat you use the longer those vivids will stay vibrant! If I do use heat on my hair, I always use Retain which is

 a heat protectant but it will also retain the style (Get it? The product is called retain and it retains your style HA HA). Heat is the number reason Vivids and hair color will fade faster so keeping that heat protectant handy will save your colors life! 


   I love having "crazy" colored hair but I LOVE doing them on guest even more! If you or someone you know is interested in getting even a peek-a-boo call and schedule an appointment with me! The best part about having Vivids is the fact that they don't last forever. Come in and give it a try!


         Deniz Oral

         Hair and Makeup Artist

         Team Member Since 2017



         Stay Weird


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