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How To Buy For Your Guy

May 15, 2018

 This time of year is all about Grooms, Grads and Dads! Men are usually a little hard to shop for. So instead of thinking about what he wants… think about what he NEEDS! Because let’s face it, men are practical. 


Shopping for the men in my life can be stressful and overwhelming. Usually they don’t help the process by never telling me what they want. So I came up with a way to pick a gift that will leave your man saying THANK YOU!


Take a look at your man’s daily routine. Does he shave daily? Wash his hair daily? Style his hair daily? Is he having issues with a receding hairline or balding? Well I am going to give you some helpful tips on how to buy for your guy!


So let’s do some digging into the kind of man you’re buying for-


 The “High Maintenance” Man:

If you are buying for your millennial man you are going to want to stick with some great grooming products. Whether it is a groom or a grad or even a dad this generation wants to look good all day long. So here are some great options!


Firm Hold Gel: Great for keeping those crazy cowlicks down and out of the way all day long! Has a great natural shine and is easy to work in either wet or dry hair.


Complete Shampoo and Revitalizing Treatment: Perfect combo for cleansing and hydrating your man’s hair. Bonus: it smells amazing!


The “Ain’t Got Time for This” Man: If your man is hard working on everything… but his hair, then this is the regimen for him! 


Grooming Cream: The perfect in between for any head of hair. Light matte finish with a medium hold. Goes in easy and is moldable for those little to no time mornings.


Black Clay Shampoo and Exfoliating Treatment: Amazing on dry and itchy scalps for the men who don’t have time to deal with those flakes! 


The “Needs a Little Extra Love" Man: If your man is loosing a little on top or is feeling a little sparse in the front, this is the regimen for him!


Scalp Rescue: This amazing product has our Pro-Amino Peptide Complex to help battle clogged follicles and stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth.


Conceal: Our grey coverage powder is great for more than just grey hair! Use it on balding and receding hair for natural looking coverage. Comes in 5 different colors for customization.



There are many more products at Hello Gorgeous to customize the perfect gift set for your man! Just come in during your appointment or anytime during business hours and one of our team members can assist you! Add a Shave Brush or Aroma Therapy Spray and you’ll have a gift a man can’t deny he needs!


Check out Eufora’s HERO for Men Line to learn about more products and their uses HERE


Stay tuned in our June Newsletter for a special announcement on How To Buy For Your Guy!


Haley Aita

Salon Director/ Hair and Makeup Artist

Team Member Since 2014


Good Vibes Only ✌🏻


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