Fact or Crap???

Let’s face it, Hair Extensions have a bad rep....I want to clear the air.

Some of the most common reasons I’ve heard are that they are:

Damaging, Look Fake, High Maintenance, Too Expensive, Only For Young Women Who Want Super Long Hair or What Will People Say or Think About Me. These are just SOME of the reasons why people think extensions are so bad! I have been in the hair industry for 20 years and until I found Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions, I would have agreed with ALL of these reasons! I am soooo happy to have found this amazing technique...and I am excited to share with you, the NBR Difference!

Damage…With NBR (Natural Beaded Row Extensions) you have minimal points where they are attached to your hair! The less points of attachment, the less risk for damage. With individual and tape in methods, the majority of your hair has some form of adhesive, bond or beads attached to it. Methods that require glues, tapes & adhesives often leave residue in the hair which can also lead to damage of your natural hair. NBR is attached using 20-30 beads and string . The wefts of hair are sewn onto the track creating even weight distribution. My NBR Guests are always amazed when we do their move up appointments at how much healthier and longer their natural hair is!

Looking Fake…I can usually spot an extension wearer a mile away! Whether the color blend is off, it wasn’t cut to blend, their hair looks like “spaghetti” with all the individual bonds, their tape tab is showing because the wind blew or their hair is in a ponytail and you can see EVERY TAPE TAB!!! I will tell you that is definitely NOT the case with Natural Beaded Rows! They look completely natural and seamless. At every appointment, I color my guest's hair and the extension hair for a perfect blend. The way they are attached in the hair, allows you to wear your hair up without any trace of extensions! Most of the time I have trouble finding mine when people ask to see how they are attached! From high ponytails to boho braids...the styles are limitless with NBR!

High Maintenance…More hair = More Maintenance? Nope! You should be coming in for a haircut and color every 6-8 weeks. Extension maintenance has to be done in the same time frame so you get it all done in one appointment. Most maintenance appointments are about 3-4 hours which includes color of your hair and the extensions. Most haircut and color appointments take about the same amount of time. With NBR you only have to wash your hair a couple times a week (with the help of Eufora's Dry Shampoo,Fresh Effect) so your daily routine will probably take you LESS time than before you had extensions! Not to mention your styles will last longer and your hair will look like you spent so much time making it look fabulous when really it took you less than 10 minutes!

Too Expensive…This one all comes down to what we VALUE. NBR Extensions are an investment in yourself. Some women value designer bags, shoes or clothes, while others think those things are a waste of money. At the end of the day, we all have different things that we are willing to splurge on. We find a way to save and budget for these things because they make us feel good and we enjoy them. NBR is no exception to this rule. My clients are real women. They are mothers, wives, professionals and everyday people. They all value themselves enough to continue to invest in NBR. The feelings and confidence they get with NBR is invaluable.

Only for Young Women who want Super Long Hair…As we age, our hair just isn’t as good as it once was. It looses shine, elasticity, textures change and it typically gets thinner. This can be extremely frustrating and damaging to a woman’s self esteem. Women of all ages are wearing NBR at their natural hair’s length (or a little longer) and they get the fullness and length they just don't have! Some women's hair never grows past their collarbone... I love that I have found a healthy solution for them!

What Will People Say or Think About Me…We often times worry about what others think about us. Why do we do this? We let our fears of others judgment hold us back from things we want. At the end of the day, you have to be happy with you. You have to live in your skin, walk in your shoes, sleep in your bed at night. Why not do all those things exactly how you want? What’s the worst that will happen? You may lose some friends or receive some harsh words or judgment but who cares IF YOU FEEL GREAT??? The ones who judge you and even voice their negative thoughts about it, don’t deserve to be in your world anyways.

Well….There you have it! My own version of Fact or Crap LOL. I hope this helps you to understand the NBR Difference but even more that it empowers you to take the leap and invest in yourself.

If you have questions or are wondering about the possibilities for your hair click the link below to find out more information on the NBR

The NBR Difference


Kristen Soseman

Owner/ Master Stylist/ Eufora Educator

Team Member Since 2003

Love and Light to You All

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