In the Zone...or Zoned Out???

Our new salon space is intimate and cozy. A perfect setting for gorgeous hair and interesting conversations, and we're loving every minute of it! Last Thursday evening we had a full house and the topic of conversation was...ME!

One of my Guests made a comment about how I go into my "zone" when I am creating my art. They all joined in the conversation, sharing their experiences of me in the zone. Every one of them had a different take on it.

One of my Guests gets nervous when I am haircutting in the zone...I do a ton of point cutting and texturizing techniques so that the hair moves freely in the strong shape I've just put in. She hears the sound of the scissors opening and closing frequently and is fearful that all her hair will be on the floor when I am finished....even though she has been coming to me for 14 years and has NEVER had a bad haircut from me, LOL!

Another Guest witnessed me going into the zone while doing foil work. She said it was so cool to watch. She saw my eyes focus in on the piece of hair I was painting, as I made sure to feather the color into her hair seamlessly. The result of my "zone" is a perfectly organic, lived in hair color that looks completely natural.

I payed close attention over the next few days to my "zone" while working behind the chair. I soon realized that I have a "zone" in other areas of my life too! When I'm in business mode, family mode, cooking mode, chillaxing mode or work mode...I find myself in the zone at one point or another. While looking into this deeper, I realized that I'd rather be in the zone than zoned out!!! And I think my Guests would agree with me on this one!

Being in the zone means that you are acting with intention and focused in on all the little details that make a big impact! I am very passionate about my career and about delivering the BEST results for my Guests. That is why I continuously educate myself and am constantly pushing myself to grow. Even though me going into my zone makes some Guests nervous, they'd rather see me in my zone and focused, rather than being on auto pilot and creating the same thing over and over again!

Its easy to do what's comfortable and what you know. I have been in this industry for 20 years and haircutting and color are comfort zones for me. When I started doing Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions, I felt soooo far out of my comfort zone...I was so super slow and very anxious about the new technique. It would have been easy for me to quit the method and go back to what I was used to, but that didn't sit right with me. I remembered how slow and nervous I was when I began in this industry, but also how EXCITED I was! I knew what had to be excited, be dedicated to learning and to be in the ZONE! After tons of practice and technical education, I am confident in my skill level and can go into my zone with my NBR Guests also.

I love being in an industry where the opportunities are unlimited and ever changing! I am proud to be in my zone on the regular, making sure everyone leaves the salon looking and feeling their absolute BEST!

Kristen Soseman

Owner/ Master Stylist/ Eufora Educator

Team Member Since 2003

Love and Light to You All

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