I have been "part" of Kristen's journey for about 15 years now. I honestly can't imagine having anyone else as my stylist. Kristen is one of those people that lives her passion- and as she has grown in her industry and expertise- she always brings her passion for what she does. She does everything 100%- she is a perfectionist which only benefits her guests and friends. Kristen specializes in making her guests look and feel beautiful, confident and worthy! Her energy is a huge bonus- she is a natural healer. I always look forward to my appointments with Kristen- for too many reasons to list here. I have enjoyed our "journey" together and am excited to be part of this new chapter!

-Marah K.

I watched Kristen do these extensions on others as I dreamed of getting my original thick hair back when I was a young woman.

I hesitated because people always say you can't wear long hair after a certain age. But they are wrong!

I got my hair done last week with a beautiful mix of colors and

I LOVE them!!
The hair feels like my own, it curls beautifully and I don't have to wash my hair as often because it always looks good! Even my 23 year old daughter told me today,

"Mom, your hair looks amazing!

I need to get that done!"

Don't hesitate... just do it!!

-Phylis M.    

I have been to Kristen, both as a hair stylist and an energy healer. This woman has a beautiful gift, first and foremost being her ability to connect heart to heart. If you’re in need of some clarity and self empowerment, book a session.

-DeeDee M.

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